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April 03, 1807 Making Friends

3d April, Friday. Employed in giving a sketch of our voyage for the general and commandant of those provinces [Nemesio Salcedo]. Introduced to Don Bernardo Villamil, Don Alberto Mayner, lieutenant colonel and father-in-law to Malgares, and Don Manuel Zuloaga, a member of the secretary’s office, to whom I am under obligations of gratitude and shall remember with esteem. Visited his house in the evening.

Although he has butchered the some of the spellings of their names, Pike has made some new friends today.  These men, along with others, will form a lively cadre of conversation partners with whom Pike and Robinson will engage on topics of religion, politics, international affairs, science, geography, and the pressing social questions of the day.  They will accompany him to parties and on outings.  Pike will find their wives equal interesting.  The resulting exchange of ideas will irritate Salcedo and land Pike in some hot water.


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