Citizen Explorer: The Life of Zebulon Pike

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New Biography of Pike

Citizen Explorer is a new biography of Zebulon Pike–the first one written by a professional historian since 1949. This website introduces the book and also provides supplemental material not available in it. If you’re interested in the history of exploration, the military, the West, Indians, American nationalism, or the early American Republic, explore this site. I hope you have fun.

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Zebulon Pike: Citizen, Soldier, Explorer

Born in 1779, in the midst of a national war for independence, Zebulon Montgomery Pike grew up in the first generation after the Revolution. He joined the army at the age of fifteen. A contemporary of Lewis and Clark, he is best remembered for exploring the Mississippi River in 1805-1806 and for his western expedition to the southwestern reaches of the Louisiana Purchase in 1806-1807. This website introduces my new biography of Pike, Citizen Explorer, published by Oxford University Press. It also lets you follow Pike on his western adventures.