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April 10 thru 19, 1807 Nothing Extraordinary

Pike does not have much to say over the next week. Tersely recorded, his days resemble those of his first few days in Chihuahua: hobnobbing with his upper crust friends, enjoying imported luxuries, promenading at public walks, and writing to Salcedo. He appears to be waiting in Chihuahua, though why is not clear. Perhaps he is being held while the rump of his party is escorted through New Mexico to catch up with him or perhaps Salcedo is simply trying to decide what to do with him.

I’ve have recorded his brief commentary of the next week in its entirety:

10th April, Friday. In the evening at colonel Maynor’s. Captain Rodiriques arrived from the province of Texas, who had been under arrest one year, for going to Natchitoches with the marquis Cassa Calvo.

11th April, Saturday. Rode out in the coach with Malgares; was hospitably entertained at the house of one of the Vallois: here we drank London Porter. Visited the secretary Villamil.

12th April, Sunday. Dined with the doctor [Robinson] at Don Antonio Caberarie’s with our usual guests. In the evening at the public walks.

13th April, Monday. Nothing extraordinary.

14th April, Tuesday. Spent the forenoon in writing; the afternoon at Don Antonio Caberarie’s.

15th April, Wednesday. Spent the evening at colonel Maynor’s with our friend Malgares. Wrote a letter to governor Salcedo on the subject of my papers.

16th April, Thursday. Spent the evening at the secretary’s Don Villamil’s.

17th April, Friday. Sent my letter to his excellency. Spent the evening with my friend Malgares.

18th April, Sunday. Spent the evening at Caberarie’s, &c. Wrote to governor Allencaster.

19th April, Sunday. In the evening at a Fandango.

Mid April days may have blurred into one another, but the next one would bring news of Aaron Burr.


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