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Pike Mysteries

Many mysteries of Pike’s life and expeditions have long fascinated enthusiasts and scholars alike. Although the intent of my work on Pike has not been to resolve these puzzles, in the course of my research I have gained considerable new insights into some of them. With some exceptions, these are not my own original insights, but rather reflect what I have been able to glean from talking to Pike enthusiasts, reading their work, and exploring Colorado’s spectacularly beautiful landscape with them. I chose not to clutter the text of the book with discussions of these discoveries and have instead simply treated them as undebated in order to preserve a smooth narrative. Because much of this knowledge has never been published or published only in venues with limited accessibility, I offer this website as a venue for exposing the interesting new thinking on about the Pike mysteries.

Which Peak Did Pike Climb?

This portion of the site is still under construction. Coming soon: “Which pass did he cross into the San Luis Valley? and “Where did he leave Sparks and Daugherty behind?” and “Where did he encounter the Pawnee war party on November 22, 1806?”

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